Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sickie

Isaac is sick - has been since yesterday. He has the croup, which I mistakenly thought had been eradicated in 1890. I actually laughed when the doctor diagnosed that. Anyway in normal people terms in means that he has a lot of stuff in his chest and throat. He has so much phlegm that he is choking on it and I am just waiting for him to gag and puke on me. I really think everyone should be puked on at least once a month because it really puts things into perspective. I think a person would think - "Man I hate going to work, but it is better than being puked on" or "Sitting in traffic sucks - but so does being puked on it." See how much happier everyone would be. I have answers.

So you know - we are an ultra safe house. Please bring your kids over.

We have also revamped our time out practices:

So far so good.

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Julie said...

Brody has croup as well. It is really sad, I feel bad for him. It has lingered for over a week now. I'm thinking I should take him back to the doctor. I hope Isaac gets better soon!