Thursday, September 4, 2008

I guess we will have less gas...

Isaac has a crazy amount of allergies. His ever growing list includes: peanuts, soy, fish, eggs, oats, garlic, cinnamon, chocolate, grass, mold, and ragweed. We have learned to deal pretty well. I have learned to bake without eggs, shop to avoid soy (which is in everything), and even to bake bread - there is only one type of one brand that Isaac can eat. The peanut allergy is the big one, although it is kind of the easiest to avoid. In case you didn't know, peanuts are a legume, not a nut, so he is also allergic to beans. BEANS! It is our winter staple food. Chili, black bean dip, baked beans, antijito minis, soup, hummus, white bean dip, the list goes on and on. So I guess the good side, less gas and a better smelling home.

On a sunnier note the boys got hair cuts today. Eli, in his usual sense of humor said to the barber/stylist, "Hey you, stop that, you are making my hair fall out."

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