Friday, September 19, 2008

The Library

This morning our excursion began with a trip to the doctor - a five minute trip turned one hour. The boys were excellent so I rewarded them with a trip to the library - lame, I know. It was story time and Eli made it very clear from the gitgo that he, and I quote, "didn't want to learn today" so we skipped story time and went straight to the train table and toys. So yes, we were the family that was making all the noise during story time distracting all of the kiddos. We got a good 45 minutes in and so I gave the boys a three minute warning (I used to do 5, but Eli always said, "No, 3 mom" - so three it is). By then they were running around the story circle (now abondanded by the story time crowd). I knew this exit was not going to be graceful. So I finally announced it was time to go grocery shopping and the drama began. Eli starts running faster, singing "We Will Rock You," I am getting librarian stares. So I gently grab is little hand and start heading towards the door - his response "No mommy, not time to go, I want to stay and learn. No No NOT TIME TO GO I WANT TO LEARN." Yep - so I am the mommy jerk that wants her kid to start reading in the 8th grade. Where's my "Mother of the Year" crown?

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