Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picture Day

The boys are getting all handsomed up today for their "school pictures". I was trying to talk it up to Eli so that he would be extra well behaved.
The Conversation:
Mom: You are going to get your picture taken today.
Eli: Why?
Mom: Because Mommy thinks you and Isaac are handsome little boys so she wants to have a picture to hang on the wall.
Eli: No mommy - I don't want to hang on the wall, I will fall off and then bonk my head and I will cry.

A literal interpretation.

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aimeenky said...

obviously he didn't hear the "picture on the wall" part of your sentence. haha He just heard that his mommy was going to string up him and his brother on the wall so she could look at them in all their handsomeness!