Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last night was an eventful evening. It looks like we will be taking fish off of our "safe to eat" list for Isaac. I made tilapia last night. Isaac took three good bites - he even said "yummy". Eli had already made it clear that the "chicken" I made did not taste right. That's right - I lied and told the kids it was chicken so they would eat it. Not sure what ramifictions that is going to have the next time we have chicken?? Anyway after three bites Isaac started coughing violently, and his lips started to swell. Between coughs he told me to "get his breather" which is his inhaler, and meant he could not breath. We gave him two sprays, the usual, and he asked for more. Then he started throwing up violently and breaking out in hives. We had the Epi pens ready, but gave him Benedryl first which calmed him almost immediately. After 30 minutes he was back to normal. I slept on his floor, just in case the fish in his system out lasted the benedryl. Thank goodness the Benedryl seemed to have kicked it.
It was so scary, and hard to understand how food can make the little guy so so sick. This reaction mirrored his reaction to peanuts - which is a bit scary. We will now have to avoid fish like we do peanuts. Poor guy. Thankfully he takes it in stride. After about an hour and the shock of the situation had worn off Isaac would put a cracker in his mouth and act like he was gagging and fake throwing up and then laughed. I hope he maintains that positive little attitude as the years go on.


Julie said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds so scary. Hopefully he will grow out of all his food allergies?? I'm glad he was ok.

dan and jen said...

that is so scary!! i'm so glad you didn't have to use the epi pen.

Kelly said...

What an amazing trooper he is! I'm glad it was OK. How scary.