Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Great Outdoors

You have to love this weather! The boys have been dying to go outside, equating sunshine ("Shunshine" in Eli speak) to warmth, but finally, finally it is warm enough to go outside. We spent most of the morning outside for the past two days. Today was much more eventful than yesterday.
We are having our driveway sealed today so Eli helped me move a big pile of sticks from the driveway under the deck. Isaac kept saying "Frog, frog" (more like fwog, fwog). I wasn't really paying that much attention til I walked back to pick up more sticks and saw a dead, semi-petrified frog on the driveway. I stayed cool, gently picked it up with two sticks and walked it to the trash can - oh my gross!
The boys have really taken to peeing on one of the big trees in the back yard. What was once scary is now hilarious. While Isaac was peeing today I was standing behind him and a piece of poop fell on my shoe. That's right - he was pooping standing up. ON MY SHOE! Not sure the mechanics of standing up and pooping, but he thought he was a being a "big big big boy." Double gross. Eli was running around saying, "Isaac pooped outside like a dog!"
Finally, we went for a walk. Well the boys went for a "pull" in their wagon. While we were walking we say two ladies mowing, Eli was astonished. He said "Mommy, mommies don't mow, Daddies mow. Why are these mommies mowing?" It looks like I am doing a good job developing socially appropriate gender roles for my kids. My liberal family studies professors would be horrified. Although, that was always kind of a personal goal of mine.

Oh yeah - and Eli told Isaac to jump off the wood thing in the pictures and he would catch him.
Thankfully Isaac isn't that dumb, and laughed at him.

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