Thursday, April 2, 2009

Potty Training 101 - Day 3

Yesterday went pretty well. We had a couple of accidents, but it was an out of the ordinary day. Isaac woke with with some serious hives so we had to go to the doctor (I put potty training on hold for the doctor's office trip). When we got home I switched them back to underwear - and then we went outside to enjoy the weather. I took the little potty outside with us. Isaac used it, Eli refused. I tried to get him to pee on a tree (something I sure I will regret later) but he thought that was a bit weird.

I am a little overly sensitive to grunts that sound like active pooping right now. We were coloring yesterday and Eli was making those noises and I kind of scared him, I think. I popped my head up and said "Eli are you pooping?" he said "No mom, I'm breathing - I like to breath." For some reason I got a real kick out of that.

It turns out Isaac is allergic to jelly beans (of course). He has had some serious hives over the past two days and that is the only thing we can isolate. Jelly beans were our last, regular, peanut-free treat. Evidently the red dye makes him break out. As bad as eggs!!! So I guess we will now be purchasing the $50/bag allergy free candy.

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