Friday, April 10, 2009

Food snobs?

I will tell you I didn't do it on purpose. Isaac has so many food allergies we have to make nearly everything from scratch and use special allergy free recipe for every thing from bread to cake. We rarely go out to eat, and even more rarely do we eat fast food. In fact, Eli thinks McDonald's (which, by the way, he has never been to) is a pizza place.

On the way home from the doctor the other day I ran by Arby's to get some roast beef sandwiches. I ordered through the drive through, again a first for Eli. As we drove up to the window to pay Eli asked if the guy in the window was making fresh bread for us. Sort of doubt it.

Today while eating a nutritious lunch of turkey hotdogs and pretzels (processed foods Isaac can actually eat) Eli made a master piece. I guess I should stop watching so much Food Network.


Sarah said...

I love it!!! Your boys are so precious.

EGs' Mom said...

Too funny! That looks like a great way to eat hotdogs!