Saturday, April 11, 2009

Potty Training 101 - Day 13

Do I dare say it? No accidents since Monday - have we accomplished the impossible? I even caught Eli on Wednesday going to the bathroom all by himself! Should I go buy them a car or something. What's next?


Julie said...

Yay! Congrats! Brody will be 3 this August, still doesn't really show signs of interest in the potty. Did your boys, or did you just force them into it? I'm trying to decide which way to go about it.

jejic said...

I had mentioned it to them a few times over the past three months. I had tried once to Eli and he wasn't interested. I finally just gave them a deadline (because I was off work for a full week). I kept saying next week no more diapers e are going to be big boys, and then I stuck to it. Once we started I just tried to stay consistent with them. The first three days were torture, but after that they seemed to prefer underwear and it has been ok. Good luck!!!