Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun to Share

Eli and Isaac have highly refined opinions of music. My parents bought the boys a 6 CD set of Children's Bible songs. The other day Eli asked me to put the CD in. He listened to one song and said "Ok that's enouth (enough in Eli speak), put in Jack Johnson."

The boys used to think Jack Johnson was actually my brother Kevin singing, he is that good. Anyway, Jack Johnson has a song from the Curious George soundtrack called the "Sharing Song". The chorus says, "It is so much fun to share with everyone." This evening after dinner we were enjoying a bowl of homemade ice cream sprinkled with chocolate chips and Eli had eaten his bowl WAY before everyone. He leaned over to me and said, "Mom give me a bite of your ice cream, it is fun to share."

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EGs' Mom said...

Love it!
Ezekiel's is usually "I share it with you" even though he is asking you to share with him.