Saturday, April 18, 2009

We digress?

Last night we went to the balloon glow at UK. We stopped by Qudoba for dinner (one of Isaac's few safe restaurants). Eli was thrilled that he got to see a real live pirate there. Ok, it was just a tattooed guy with a doo rag on his head, that looked like he could kill us. Luckily he was gracious to Eli's stares.

I thought my nights of interrupted sleep were over. No more bottles, no more paci's. However, Isaac woke up at 3:00 AM to pee in the potty. Really? Is this two year old so in tune with his body that the urge to pee wakes him up from deep sleep?

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Curtis and Tricia said...

Too funny! Did you love the balloon glow? Curtis and I went to the one in L'ville the 1st year we were together and I loved it! Those balloons are so pretty!